3 Tips on Planning the Perfect Pre-Wedding Photography Session

Why do people take pre-wedding pictures? First, it lets you be more familiar with your wedding photographers so it will be easier to work with. It is also one of the most acceptable times to take super cheesy pictures. But really, pre-wedding photography sessions serve to be the most memorable photography session of your lifetime. Here are some things you should ask yourself when planning the perfect pre wedding photography session.Photo by Simplifai Studios

  1. Do you have a theme in mind got your pre-wedding photography session?

Do you want your pre-wedding photography to be about where you first met? Or inspired by a movie you both love? Do you want it to have something to do with your ethnicity, like something bohemian? If you do not have any ideas, head over to Pinterest. You will be flooded with choices. Before you call the photographer, make sure you have discussed about the theme with your partner and make sure he/she is okay with what you have selected. You have to talk to each other about having your pre-wedding photography posed, or candid, and formal or casual?Image result for engagement pictures pinterest

  1. Indoors or outdoors?

    Now think about where you are going to have your pre-wedding photography session? Is it going to a park, a waterfall, or a city landscape? Or do you want to go to the café in which you had your first date? You and your partner should both talk about this. If you are planning to have a pre-wedding photography session outdoors, make sure there is a washroom nearby to switch up your outfits and plan for it to be on a day with perfect weather because you do not want to be sweating and all oily in your pre-wedding photography.

  1. Finding the perfect photographer for your pre-wedding photography session

As soon as you get an idea on how you want your pre-wedding photography session to be, it is time to look for talented photographers who are able to give you what you want. Look through each photographer’s portfolios to get to know their photography style. Every photographer has their own style. Check with your partner to see if he/she likes the style. Do not forget to check their rates as well, ensure that it is within your budget.  Be sure to know what is included in their packages. Some photographers are more expensive but they offer more. So these are a lot of things you need to take into consideration.

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